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North Melbourne – Stuck in the Ultimate Paradox

Finn Devlin takes a look into the paradox facing North Melbourne as they attempt to rebuild the club.

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Better On Paper EPL Review: Week 10

Double digits, double the quality! With week 10’s results locked away the boys discuss Everton’s managerial prospects, Tottenham without Harry Kane, and England’s next generation of talent.

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‘The Wrap Up’ – Episode 14

It’s a one-on-one special, with Joshua Dawe and David Zita wrapping up the AFL Trade Period, then chatting all things US Sport, EPL… and recapping a fiery call on Aussie radio. It’s all happening on BoP!

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The Chocolate Podcast – AUDIO Edition

For the first time, BOP has gone 360! Check out our Facebook page and give us your feedback! Some questions in life have remained unanswered. What is the meaning of life? Did man truly walk on the moon? Why did the chicken cross the road? One, however, has stood higher than all others. One has remained...

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The ‘REAL’ AFL Top 30 – Part 3 of 3

This is it. Our own Finn Devlin has slaved away to produce the ‘non-Victorian bias’ Top 30, and the time has come to crown the winner. Who will be immortalised in BoP folklore? Listen in to find out!

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The ‘REAL’ AFL Top 30 – Part 2 of 3

And then there were 20… after some controversial picks yesterday, here’s the second part of Finn Devlin’s ‘REAL’ Top 30 AFL Players, free of the disease he calls ‘Victorian bias’… the final act will be posted tomorrow! Listen, Like, and Subscribe!

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The EPL Review: Matchweek 8

Eight weeks in the boys have produced one of the finest EPL Reviews to date! ARCHIE THOMPSON joins the panel as Postecoglu, Palace and Punting take centre stage.  

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The ‘REAL’ AFL Top 30 – Part 1 of 3

Sick of ‘Victorian bias’? Queenslander and all-round loose unit Finn Devlin has put together the ‘real’ AFL top 30… here’s the first batch, with part two dropping TOMORROW!

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