The Chocolate Podcast – AUDIO Edition

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Some questions in life have remained unanswered. What is the meaning of life? Did man truly walk on the moon? Why did the chicken cross the road?
One, however, has stood higher than all others. One has remained unsolved since the dawn of time… until now.
What chocolate is best?

The EPL Review: Matchweek 7

It’s a super-pod this week, as the EPL boys are back following (another damned) international break! They go through the big talking points from Matchweek #6, introduce a new segment based on an old favourite saying and detail their best elevens from players outside of the top 7, and see how they’d fare if they were in the Champions League group stages! If you’ve got your own ideas for what a “Best of the Rest XI” would look like, tweet us at @BOPaperPodcast

EPL Special: “Money money money” – with John Stensholt from the Australian Financial Review

It’s a BOP EPL Special! With Barra in the hosting seat, alongside Finn and Jarrod – the focus is money, and the colossal amount of spending we saw from the Premier League in the most recent summer transfer window. To help make some sense of it all, there’s also an interview with the Australian Financial Review’s John Stensholt, who explores whether the Premier League can continue being the money-laden giant that it’s become.

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